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SARAPATA combine many extremes, but also fuse experiences gained on different parts of their musical journey. Michał and Mateusz Sarapata learned a love for harmony from accompanying the band Lor, and from co-creating their own group SALK in the past, through which their music – using mainly classical instruments – leant on dreamlike, almost fairy-tale stories. After hours, they put aside their guitars to vent through their greatest love – electronic music, and more specifically techno.

The duo’s music provides an enormous amount of experience which makes you dance, and feels like an introduction to a ritual. Techno by the Sarapata brothers is far from a cliché. These are colorful, rich, organic, and pulsating sounds. 


‘EP1’, the brothers’ debut record, is not only a desire to define their own character, it is a bold attempt to introduce a completely new aesthetic on the Polish scene. Moderat-like trance is combined with the ethereal buzz of Jon Hopkins or Kiasmos, and this creates an unbearably catchy mix that twists into the head and does not intend to leave it. They’ve added to this a unique talent for constructing excellent harmonies, the source of which can be seen in the experience of creating film music.

In 2022, they appeared at major Polish festivals such as Audioriver, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, FEST Festival, ON Air, LAS Festival, OFF Scena, Wodecki Twist. The artists have also already scored their first foreign performances. In May 2022, they were invited to Vilnius for the Europavox Festival, an international showcase festival.

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