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STK47 Warehouse


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Piotr Figiel - music producer, live act performer and dj from Krakow, Poland. Formely known for DCM and Peter Feegle projects, since 2014 Piotr performs under his own name, focusing his work mostly on techno, IDM and playing hardware based live acts. His music has always been an eclectic mixture of different influences, original sound design and great sound. Piotr’s work has been released on many Polish and international labels and among many dj and live act club gigs, Piotr also performed at Street Art Festival, Ars Cameralis Festival, Tauron Nowa Muzyka festival and in 2017 Piotr was honoured to play on the legendary Instytut festival in Warsaw. Piotr has been hosting the „Essentia Electronica” radio show at Off Radio Krakow station in 2015-2021. The show became one of the most important promotion hubs for the local electronic music scene, artists, collectives and clubs in Krakow. In 2021 Piotr started a new venture, record label Rwetes. Apart from the solo music activity, Piotr teams up with Dominik Gawroński, creating Krakowitz - nostalgic, synthesizer-based, melodic music project. Piotr also works as a producer, mixing and mastering engineer, helping many artists to achieve the dreamed sound of their records.

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