Zur Klappe

Berlin, DE

Crack Bellmer

Berlin, DE

Berlin, DE
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Polish born and Bavarian raised co-founder of OSBA Records & LOSER Records, RSO Resident and party boy extraordinaire.

Being born in the year 1840 as the illegitimate son of Frederic Chopin, Michal was secretly given a first-class musical education by his world famous father. Michal began learning the ways of these future people and found his calling in a modern form of music called House that oddly reminded him of the rhythms he learned from his father when he was a child.

Perfecting his technique in the local discoteques of Southern Germany, Michal moved to Berlin to immerse himself in the thriving music scene and found his way into „Renate" where he became from 2012 - 2021 his residency.

Curating every second month his party called USELES at "Zur Klappe“ with a diverse range of genres.


Since 2021 hes nowadays & nights his new residency is the new formed "RSO".