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Jacek Sienkiewicz is by no means one of the pioneers and key figures on Polish electronic music scene for the past 20 years. From early raw acid and rave sounds to contemporary, highly advanced experiments in sound, he released over a dozen albums and 50+ EPs ranging from big room techno anthems to abstract sonic meditations. Always a free spirit, developing his unique sound outside whatever is trendy at the moment, he’s been running his Recognition label since 1999, discovering and promoting non-standard emerging Polish musicians.

Jacek also had numerous releases and remixes on other European labels and collaborated with a lot of renowned musicians - among others, Ricardo Villalobos, Max Loderbauer and Atom TM, with whom he shares a longtime partnership also as a live performer.

Most recently he’s been developing also interdisciplinary projects - live performances, installations and innovative video, as well as experimental contemporary music pieces, including re-interpretations of famed Polish Radio Experimental Studio composers.

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