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Studio Claudius

Krakow, PL

Zrkadlovy háj

Bratyslawa, SL

K-Bar Powiśle

Warszawa, PL

Simbiosa Festival


Carbon Silesia Festival

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IKARVS is a rising star of Polish electronic music and one of the most original and colorful projects in the country. Although the duo has been around only for couple years, they have already managed to perform at the Poland’s most important festivals (Audioriver, Wisloujście, Summer Contrast, NEXT Festival), as well as abroad (Fusion Festival). In a short period of time, they have won the sympathy of hundreds of thousands of listeners, accumulating more than 10k followers on Instagram and 15k on TikTok. Their most popular song, „Akacje”, has been played nearly 1 million times on Spotify. IKARVS is a journey through different genres of electronic music - euphoric trance blends with dark disco, only to turn into a psychedelic ambient… or strikes by surprise with a deconstructed beats influenced by Arca. The duo uses vocals in a unique way. Among catchy, Caroline Polachek- -like choruses you’ll find quasi-choral vocalizations inspired by Grimes or masterfully chopped vocal loops. When performing live, IKARVS causes in audience a particular mix of hypnosis and euphoria. They attract not only with sounds, but also with sensual dance and mesmerizing look. On stage, the duo transforms into characters lifted from a cyberpunk fantasy or queer fashion show, wearing costumes designed by the vocalist of the duo - Alexandra. As if that wasn’t enough, their cat meowing in rhythm to their songs was a global viral last year.…***

All this makes it hard to resist the androgynous charm of IKARVS.


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