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Edvvin (Kbar Powiśle, Miazmat) - Warsaw based DJ and producer who’s heavily inspired by 90’s/00’s techno. Edvvin’s productions can be classified as a combination of tribal and hardgroove techno but with a fresh and innovative perspective. He released music on such labels as Frenzy Recordings, Smile Sessions, ASW, Numerus Records, Rave Your soul, Deadline Records or Disintegrated and gained support from Artists like Sedef Adasi, Funk Assault, Antigone, Isaiah, Beau Didier, Daria Kolosova, Tafkamp, JKS and many more…His selection is full of high-energy, fast-paced grooves with tribal elements, funky stabs and vocals. So far he played in clubs such as: Smolna, Jasna, Crackhouse, Ulica Elektryków, Cel, Projekt Lab, Kbar Powiśle, Czeska sauna, Szpitalna1, P23, Luzztro, Ciało, Transformator, Schron, STK47, Prozak and SIXA.

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