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Fascinated by the endless possibilities of sound, Polish live performer and producer An On Bast continues her musical quest from 2006 - an abiding evolution of genre melding development, never ceasing to amaze her audience as she manoeuvres between shades of techno, house, ambient and beyond. An artist of the truest form, always aiming to paint a colourful image with her output, structured around a key theme of joy and positive energy every time she plays or creates.

Anna’s fascination with music and deep desire to push herself to new heights has seen her work land on accomplished labels such as Carl Cox’s Awesome Soundwave - after a long lasting love affair with the label, 2021 saw her release her “I Create As I Speak” album which was welcomed with open arms around the globe. She has also landed her established sound on other prolific labels such as Modularfield, Detroit Underground, Pets Recordings, Kiosk ID and more. Alongside this Anna’s own Ghost Kitchen label has become a safe haven for her own productions, a liberating space giving her total freedom of what she can release, no strains involved meaning everything you hear is pure from the core. Anna released 9 albums and many Eps.

Performing live with her hardware is a feeling of excitement and curiosity that will never grow old for Anna, combining machines and gear, each of them with their own mysterious voice and tones, treating a live performance as an ongoing conversation between a group of people that fully understand each other. This exact ethos is what has allowed her to travel the globe showcasing her sound in the likes of Berlin, Melbourne, Shanghai, Barcelona, London, Ibiza, Amsterdam and many other corners of the world at various festivals and clubs; to mention a few, DC10, Wembley Arena, Watergate, Kater Blau, Fabrik, Fusion, ADE Awakenings, Mysteryland, Piknic Electronic, Garbicz.

The relationship with her instruments is an emotional connection, but also a practical relationship, an extension of her mind and hands with a thousand and one possibilities at her fingertips.This enthusiasm is a flame within her, something that has been ignited from a young age and will always be maintained.

This gentle and particular touch and attention to detail is something Anna carries into all aspects of her life, her strong educational background within the realms of philosophy and law is something she can combine with her versatile knowledge of music. With An On Bast there is always something new to be found, created or heard, and Anna will always be at the forefront of eternal discovery - telling her story in a way that only she can present.

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